About Us

Why buy from us?


At Spencer James we understand that buying a used car is a huge step and can be a daunting experience for most people.


We believe that the process of buying a car should be one of pleasure and excitment and it is our aim to help you achieve this through a positive buying experience.


Spencer James hold trust, responsibilty and passion at the core of our business values.  


We aim to provide an environment and experience in which our customers feel relaxed and able to buy with confidence. There will never be any pressure from us for you to make a decision.


At Spencer James we have a genuine passion for cars and will only stock cars that we are fully comfortable have a full and trusted history. 


It is our aim to build a family of customers who appreciate our genuine first class service, quality cars and who have the confidence to come back to us when its time for a change, whether choosing cars from our stock, or allowing us to help source exactly what you are are looking for.



Spencer James Prestige Cars Limited                                                                                                              FCA authorised and regulated

(registered company number  09864895)                                                                          Financial conduct authority number  FRN:727694

Spencer James Prestige Cars Limited                                  VAT Number: 256 5189 78                                  FCA authorised and regulated

(registered company number  09864895)                                                                                                               FCA number  FRN:727694